Details, care instructions and composition

But what's inside this fun and colorful cube? The new Good eau de toilette with aquatic notes for adventurous boys....

GOOD eau de toilette for boys offers intrepid little boys an aquatic, fresh and invigorating fragrance. The bergamot orange and grapefruit are sparkling, the watermelon is refreshing. And to top it off, white cedar strengthens this composition which is designed for boys! Fun cube-shaped silicone bottle, stackable for young collectors!

    Technical characteristics

    Volume 40 ml Important: This dermatologically tested eau de toilette is specially designed for children. In terms of the formula, it is enriched with natural moisturizing agents such as vegetable glycerin to keep the skin soft. The preservatives are 100% natural. The formula does not include any coloring agents, parabens, methylisothiazolinone or phenoxyethanol. Complies with European regulations.



    30 % Alcohol vol. - 70 % Other

    Reference : 0093500_K0100
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